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Scavenger hunt

Join the Fest in the First 2021 Scavenger Hunt Saturday 9/18 noon-8pm (while prizes last). This is a #free event. It is a .7 mile walk to do the entire hunt.



1. Go to each location.

2. Take a picture of the storefront/ or a product you bought there.

3. Post your picture on a social media channel.

4. Make sure you post your picture with the hashtag #FestInTheFirst.

Come Collect Your #Prize at The 5. Family Corridor (Parking lot next to 540 S. Lake Street Marshall J Gardner Center for the Arts



1. Paul H Douglas Center for Environmental Education (100 N Lake St)

2. Vibrations Health, Wellness, Juice Bar & Cafe(430 S Lake St)

3. D Performance Comedy Theatre (500 S Lake St)

4. Miller Beach Arts & Creative District(540 S Lake St)

5. Nelson Algren 616 Soundstage Miller Art District

(616 S Lake St)

6. Lake Street Gallery (613 S Lake St)

7. Dimes & Divas Boutique(621 S. Lake St)

8. D & K Gourmet Salads Catering And More

(625 S Lake St Unit B)

9. Indie Indie Bang Bang (625 S Lake St)

10. The Miller School Shops (665 S Lake St)




🎉🍿🍕 🎶👗 💄


parking &
Public transit info

Dune Buggey.jpg
  • Park at St Mary of the Lake

  • The tracks at Miller Ave and Lake Street will be closed

  • There is a free shuttle service running from the train station to the The Miller School Shops, to parking at St Mary of the Lake to the Fest in the First Shuttle Stop on 4th to Paul H Douglas Center for Environmental Education from noon-4pm.

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